A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

In a tiny world, a plum rabbit must bounce to victory against the evil king onion…

The Last Fruit Animal is a 3D interactive world where you have to save fruit-combined animals from a genetic mutation gone wrong!

Journey to the world of the Fruit Garden, a microscopic land where fruit animals thrive. That is, until, a vegetable comes along...

You will play as Plumie, a cute little plum rabbit with bravery in his heart who will stop at nothing to save his friends from King Orion's very onion cages...


The Last Fruit Animal by Lauren Boud (LoveFruitStudios) - Mac.zip 97 MB
The Last Fruit Animal by Lauren Boud (LoveFruitStudios) - Windows.zip 92 MB


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Was an absolute amazing experience to work alongside this project , truly honoured to have created the little sounds and jumps for this sweet little game!

Much love 

- Jack ; sound designer